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Zakat for Business Startups

We help vulnerable families in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Gaza and Yemen establish their own businesses based on their skills and local context.

At Muslim Charity, we are committed to helping break cycles of poverty, and to help people live lives of dignity, safety and security. We know that your Zakat has incredible power to truly uplift people and help them escape the extreme poverty and suffering that they are facing. While short-term interventions such as providing food are important to help people survive, longer-term projects are essential to ensure that people and families do not remain trapped in cycles of deprivation and poverty.

We believe that using Zakat as a form of business startup for families helps them truly be empowered, and gives them the ability to earn a sustainable livelihood that will enable them to flourish. The Zakat for Business Startups model provides families with a financial grant that they will use to establish a small business locally. This includes selling fruit and vegetable, opening a small convenience store, establishing a food truck and setting up a pick and drop vehicle service.

Zakat donations are an obligatory charity. The purpose of Zakat is to truly help the poor and vulnerable, and there are eight categories of people among which your zakah donation should be distributed. These are:

  1. Al Fuqara – The poor
  2. Al-Masakin – The needy
  3. Zakat collectors
  4. Those who have converted to Islam and are in need
  5. Those held captive or enslaved
  6. Those in debt
  7. Those striving in the path of Allah
  8. Wayfarers (travellers)


Muslim Charity Intervention

We help vulnerable families in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Yemen establish their own businesses based on their skills and local context.

In this way, we help families create reliable income in the long-term. We focus on supporting women with orphan children or disabled family members, who are often neglected or marginalised.

Donate today so that we can help more families become independent, self-sufficient and able to lead full lives marked by happiness, good health and opportunities. When we help families establish a sustainable income, we help ensure more children are going to school, rather than working on the streets, that everyone is eating a wholesome and nutritious diet, and that the family have access to good quality medical care should they need it. By boosting the regular income of a family, they no longer have to rely on others for support, and we see a drastic rise in their living conditions, which has huge long-term implications for everyone. Entire communities flourish, and we help people feel in control, strong and empowered.

In the year 2021 we provided 12 three-wheeler vehicles in Pakistan and Bangladesh for different enterprises including pick and drop services, food trucks or used as vans for fruit-sellers.

In 2022, we helped 559 people establish businesses, helping thousands of people to thrive.

The majority of our beneficiaries in Yemen are IDPs living in camps, and this small intervention provided them enough support to become independent in their lives.

At Muslim Charity, your Zakah donations are incredibly important to us. We work inside communities ensuring we truly benefit those most in need. Our admin costs are low, and our impact is high. Don’t hesitate, join us today.

We distribute your Zakat with the utmost care and in line with Islamic guidance and principles. We are committed to serving the most needy and ensure your Zakat is distributed in line with Shariah to bring you the most reward and blessings.

Our Zakat applicable projects are all life-changing and life-saving, and tackle some major issues worldwide including vicious cycles of poverty, hunger, thirst and disease. We care for the most vulnerable including orphans, babies, the elderly, widows and those with disabilities.


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