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#TeamMC is our family of volunteers, without them the work we do would not be possible

Team MC

Why not join us in this wonderful work and give something back to the world.

Dedicate as much or as little time and whatever your ambition or drive we will have a tailor-made solution for you.

You can help fundraise for our Honouring Our Mothers, Children of the World or Love Rohingya campaigns.

You can spend a week visiting and volunteering in Bangladesh or Pakistan working on our various life-changing programmes or help deliver life-saving projects in East Africa. You too can listen to the stories of the communities that we collectively serve.

You will learn new skills while having fun and meet people from around the country as well as volunteers from all over the world. Together as a family we can make a lasting difference.

Register as a volunteer below and we will be in touch with you:

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