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Zakah donation – The Best Way to Purify Your Soul and Wealth in Islam

Thursday, 11th February 2021

There are five core pillars which form the basis of Islam – declaration of faith (shahadah), five daily prayers (salah), annual obligatory charity of 2.5% of wealth (zakat), fasting during the holy month of Ramadan and the lifetime pilgrimage of Hajj.

The Arabic word ‘Zakah’ or sometimes pronounced ‘Zakat’, means purification, growth and blessing. It reflects the idea that giving in charity is a form of purification and cleansing. This same concept is reflective of hair that grows healthier after a trim, and a plant that is pruned and cut in order for it to regrow and develop.

Zakah donations are an obligatory charity. The purpose of Zakah is to truly help the poor and vulnerable, and there are eight categories of people among which your zakah donation should be distributed. These are:

  1. Al Fuqara – The poor
  2. Al-Masakin – The needy
  3. Zakat collectors
  4. Those who have converted to Islam and are in need
  5. Those held captive or enslaved
  6. Those in debt
  7. Those striving in the path of Allah
  8. Wayfarers (travellers)

Your Zakah donation truly has the power to save lives, transform communities and lift people out of poverty. Across the globe, with Muslim Charity, your zakah donations are providing clean, drinking water, sending children to school, providing vital food, caring for orphans, supporting children memorizing the Qur’an and building safe homes for vulnerable people.

Calculating your Zakah donations:

Zakat, or Zakah, is obligatory upon every sane, Muslim adult who owns above a specific amount of wealth – called the nisab. This means everybody pays a different amount of Zakat, and this also varies year to year depending on someone’s financial situation. By definition, children, those who are mentally unstable, and those who do not meet the minimum threshold are exempt, and do not have to make any Zakah donations. The minimum threshold changes year to year due to the economic situation, but is broadly understood to be the equivalent of either 87.48g of gold, or of 612.36g of silver in cash or bank accounts. One’s personal home, furniture, cars, food and clothing do not contribute to the minimum threshold amount.

Figuring out exactly how much Zakat you have to pay can sometimes be a bit confusing. At Muslim Charity, we have a super simple and easy-to-use Zakat calculator, which does all the hard work for you! Just head over to

Using our Zakat Calculator:

You don’t have to pay your Zakat all at once, which means you can choose to spread out your payments throughout the year using direct debits or otherwise. With Ramadan just a few weeks away, this is the perfect time to think about how to make the most of your zakat. Begin the Holy month in the best of ways – by fulfilling the beautiful pillar of Zakat and saving lives across the globe.

When you visit our zakat calculator, you’ll need to put in some basic information about your sources of income. Our clever Zakat calculator will then take the hard work away, and tell you exactly how much Zakat you need to pay. We will show you what incredible things you can achieve with your Zakat, and you’re free to fulfil this obligation however you deem best.

Where can I give my Zakah donations?

Once you’ve used our Zakat calculator to determine how much Zakat you need to give, you’re a big step closer to helping those in need. At Muslim Charity, there are a number of projects you can give your Zakat to, and truly save lives.

There are approximately 153 million children worldwide who are orphans, many of who who need support to access their basic rights of education, healthcare, food and shelter. Just £1 a day provides a vulnerable orphan the chance to break out of poverty. Your donation will help provide them with education, healthcare, food, clothing and support for the family. Find out more:

Three children die every minute from drinking dirty water, and billions of people have no access to clean and safe water. You can change this. With your Zakat, you can contribute to our safe water projects, bringing clean water to families, promoting good health and saving lives. Find out more:

Your Zakat can also ensure children receive a good quality education. You can distribute vital food packs and ensure nobody goes hungry. Your Zakah donations can also be used to support vulnerable children who are memorizing the Qur’an.

Your Zakat; Our Promise

At Muslim Charity, your Zakah donations are incredibly important to us. We work inside communities ensuring we truly benefit those most in need. Our admin costs are low, and our impact is high. Don’t hesitate, join us today.

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