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World Water Day celebrated in Pakistan and Bangladesh

Thursday, 25th March 2021

As part of our Safe Water programme, as well as providing and installing water hand pumps, wells and solar wells, Muslim Charity also strives to increase awareness around basic water and sanitation hygiene best practices.

Earlier this week, on 22nd March 2021, Muslim Charity commemorated World Water Day, which is an annual United Nations observance day held to highlight the importance of fresh water.

Celebrating this year’s theme on “Valuing Water”, through our network of field teams we held workshops in many communal settings, including Masjids, schools, rural villages, venues as well as other communal areas. Through our interactive discussions we explored many topics including the importance of water, how it benefits our communities and the role it has played in transforming their wellbeing.

Sitting shoulder to shoulder and hearing first-hand accounts of how the gift of water has transformed communities is always a humbling experience for our teams and partners on the ground. It strengthens our zeal to reach more communities and lift them out of poverty. Thank you for supporting us on this journey and we look forward to your continued support. See how you can donate towards our Safe Water project by clicking here.


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