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UK Projects



During the devastating floods that struck parts of Northern England, Muslim Charity launched its ‘UK Flood Appeal’ and provided first hand emergency support to the flood affected victims in Cumbria.

Muslim Charity and its partners has supported affected families in Northern England by providing cash grants to fulfil their immediate needs. The grants were provided to individuals or families whose homes had significant damage to property or possessions and to those who have lost work or income because of the storms. The cash grants assisted families and households in the relief and rehabilitation efforts from the damage caused by the floods.

The priority was given to households with people over 70, families with children under five, people with physical or learning disabilities or mental health needs (e.g. receiving Disability Living Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, Attendance Allowance or Personal Independent Payment) and low incomes.



As part of our long term commitment to contribute towards community driven projects, we have partnered with local food banks who strives to support struggling local individuals and families with food parcels to meet their daily necessities. A standard parcel consists of various staples and is designed to meet the needs of two adults or one adult and two children for three days. Each parcel consists of breakfast items such as milk and cereal, cleaning items such as soap, meal items such as tinned spaghetti and dessert items such as rice pudding.

“We were a little bit shocked ourselves when we found out about the number of people needing the food bank in Retford. It’s a wonderful opportunity to support such a worthwhile project,” said Mr Pirzada, the UK director of Muslim Charity.



Through Muslim Charity’s Maternal Health programme, we have been able to support numerous hospitals, clinics and interventions to reduce maternal and child mortality rates in many parts of the developing world.

As part of its commitment to support and promote UK-based initiatives, Muslim Charity has funded a brand new Resuscitaire Unit which was needed by the Bassetlaw Hospital as it is a piece of equipment that should be available for every hospital birth and is used for babies who require resuscitation after they are born.

Speaking at the ceremony, Neil Taylor, Chief Executive at Bassetlaw District Council, said: “This is an extremely generous gift from the Muslim Charity which will no doubt help to save young lives. The underlying theme of this gift is beginnings – about new lives and new community bonds. I know that it will be a very valuable piece of equipment for the Maternity Ward that will be greatly appreciated. This gesture will also strengthen the relationship between the Muslim community and the Bassetlaw community.”



Topical issue in the UK at the moment

  • Nearly 600 homeless people died last year in the UK, more recently news of a homeless dying outside Parliament last week has sparked nationwide concern for the homeless
  • Muslim Charity started a monthly project in Manchester in January 2018
  • Volunteers go out on a set day each month (more frequent in winter season) to distribute hot food, hot drinks, sleeping bags, warm clothing



Muslim Charity has been working with a locally registered charity called DASH (Destitute Asylum Seekers Huddersfield) in assisting refugees and asylum seekers in the area. Our funding supported DASH to provide destitute families with services such as cash grants for weekly shopping, regular hot meals and food packs, clothing items, transport for medical appointments and advice on a service user’s legal status. Between 50-60 refugee asylum seekers were assisted per session, with two sessions conducted every week on Mondays and Thursdays.

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