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Tour De Pakistan 2024 is an opportunity to pedal through the striking beauty of Northern Pakistan. Rejoice in some of the world's most scenic mountains such as Golden Peak, Lady Finger and Rakaposhi.

Join TEAMMC on our annual Tour De Pakistan cycle challenge. An opportunity to pedal through the striking beauty of Northern Pakistan. Rejoice in some of the world’s most scenic mountains such as Golden Peak, Lady Finger and Rakaposhi.

Experience the ancient cultures, live music, traditional food and community engagement with local villagers. The adventure will begin from a scenic flight from Islamabad to Gilgit. The cycling itself will be through some of the world’s highest paved road with views of peaks that reach 7,000 to 8,000 metres including K2, the second-highest mountain on Earth.


  • Dates: 18th to 31st May 2024
  • Registration Fee: £650 -This includes all costs within Pakistan (hotels, food, accommodation, airport transfers and internal domestic flights).
  • Fundraising Target: £1,500 – This is in aid for our #ChildrenOfTheWorld Campaign.
  • What’s not included: International UK-Pakistan return flights, your own personal travel insurance, international bike transfer and visa fees.


Working in some of the harshest environments you can imagine, we have been able to rescue thousands of children from the street where abuse and exploitation was all they have known. We understand that every country and community is different and our projects are designed to synchronise with the society norms, culture and government policies.

In Pakistan, we are supporting children who are involved in child labour in Peshawar and brothel children in Lahore. Our social mobilisers encourage them to join our informal education centres where we ensure their education and psychosocial well being.

In Bangladesh, we have been rescuing street children since 2014. We have a permanent transitional shelter in Dhaka and also have regular Schools under the Sky in busy ferry terminals like Sadarghat which are informal schools aiming to give street children a basic education.

Frequently Asked Questions

This trip is designed for experienced cyclists. The mileage and elevation required to complete the challenge mean that only those cyclists who are comfortable riding long distances and are physically fit and have good endurance can participate. We will be providing cyclists with a training plan, which we expect them to follow and will also be vetting participants by monitoring their Strava activities and assessing their capacities to ensure they have what it takes to complete this challenge.

Yes, you can. But your logistical arrangements (including accommodation, transport etc) will need to be managed yourself if this is the case.

No, this needs to be arranged and paid for by yourself separately. The cost for the visas vary depending on your nationality. At the time of writing, British citizens can apply for a Pakistani visa using the online visa system here:

Please also consult the Pakistan High Commission for further information:

Yes. It is a condition on joining our trips to ensure you have taken out your own personal insurance cover. All persons are expected to arrange their own insurance. Insurance policies should cover any potential risks involved in a Cycling Challenge of this nature.

Yes, you may need to take these. Please ensure you consult your GP well in advance of your travel. Courses of vaccinations can take 6 weeks. We consider vaccinations against typhoid, polio, hepatitis A and B and a tetanus injection to be essential.

This tour is suitable for most types of road bicycles; however, please ensure that your bike is in good working order before you leave on tour. If you are not the most mechanically minded, we suggest that you get your bike looked at by a professional bike mechanic. In particularly we would suggest looking at and adjusting all wheel spokes, greasing all your bearings, checking your brakes/gears cable, tightening all nuts and bolts, checking the chain, quick release clamps, tyres and put in new inner tubes and check wheel rims are not worn. In addition, make sure the bike is well serviced and ride it with as much care and attention as possible.

Yes. We would advise the following tools to accompany you on your tour: multi-tool, tyre levers, pump, 2 spare inner tubes, spare spokes of the correct length to fit your wheels (check with a bike shop), brake pads, a few spare links for your chain, spares for any unique or high-tech items on your bike, e.g. fluid and bleed kit for hydraulic brakes.

This is clearly up to you and we can only supply a rough guide as to what to take. This guide is entirely flexible and should be tailored to your specific needs: sunglasses, lightweight trekking boots/shoes, cycling footwear, lightweight socks (3 pairs), heavy socks (1 pairs), underwear (4 pairs), lightweight thermal long johns, lightweight, long-sleeved thermal shirt, lightweight trekking shorts, padded cycling shorts (2 pairs), shorts, t-shirts (2), lightweight, long-sleeved shirt, fleece jacket/pullover, biking jacket, waterproof (breathable fabric), fingerless biking gloves, warm gloves, fleece hat or cap with earflaps, headlamp and spare bulbs/batteries, spare laces, toiletries, basic first aid kit, towel (small), sun cream, lip balm. If you have any questions about this list, please feel free to contact us.

Your bike must be carried as a part of your luggage allowance and, to this end, we do ask you to make every effort to keep your total check-in baggage to an absolute minimum. The baggage allowance for most airlines for an economy-class ticket is 20kg per person; although a degree of flexibility is sometimes extended to groups and the check in staff may accept up to 26kg per person without imposing excess baggage charges. But please do check your own flight terms and conditions and baggage allowances. Please also bear in mind that your bike (in its cardboard box) may weigh 15 to 18kg. Please inform your airline that you will be taking your bike on the flight and attempt to make every effort to secure from the airline an additional baggage allowance – but this is not always granted.


All accommodation will be in hotels or guest houses. We choose accommodation based on comfort rather than luxury. Our prices are based on sharing a twin room.

Pakistani food is like that of northern India but generally less spicy it also has some Central Asian and Middle Eastern influence.

Spending money depends on your taste for souvenirs, gifts etc. We estimate that £200 will be more than sufficient to cover the tour.



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