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Key facts

146 sponsorships delivered last year
146 sponsorships delivered last year
Overall 717 sponsorships delivered since 2012
Overall 717 sponsorships delivered since 2012
146 Hafiz children are being sponsored in countries like Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine and Somalia
146 Hafiz children are being sponsored in countries like Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine and Somalia

Hafiz Sponsorship

Education in Islam is the shield of a believer and can provide a sense of belonging, tolerance and harmony to an otherwise disrupted life.

The Prophet (saw) said: “The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others.” [Bukhari] 

258 million children around the world do not currently go to school. War, poverty and becoming orphans are some of the key reasons why so many children simply cannot go to school, even though they may really want to. Countless children around the world are also not benefiting from an Islamic education. Many are already working to support their families, and without an education, many will continue to live in poverty for the rest of their lives.

By missing out on an Islamic education and the opportunity to study the Qur’an, many children lack the deep connection to their faith and spirituality that is so important to they development. Helping a child on their educational journey with the Qur’an is a unique and brilliant form of charity, and one that is full of great reward.

An education in Islam can truly help provide solace and support to those children with difficult lives. It can help provide them with a true sense of belonging, and if a child can understand the teachings of the Holy Quran, it can shape their life; providing them with the pathway with which to live their life. The children will also live as siblings as part of one community, and develop a strong sense of unity and tolerance, which will enable them to become leaders and a wonderful part of any society.

You can sponsor a hafiz today and give a vulnerable child a chance to thrive and grow into the leaders of their community. When you sponsor a hafiz, you’re helping an entire generation and reaping reward upon reward, with every letter that is uttered thanks to you.

Muslim Charity Intervention

Our Hafiz Sponsorship programme helps ensure children living in poverty are able to connect with their faith and memorize the holy Qur’an. Many children from poor families do not have this opportunity, and many do not go to school at all.

When you sponsor a hafiz, you help to provide vulnerable children with an ideal learning environment with qualified teachers of Qur’an, food, healthcare and clothing during their period of Hifz education.  Since 2012, we have supported 723 children memorizing the Qur’an in Pakistan, Somalia, Myanmar and Nepal. The majority of these children have now completed their Hifz and are continuing their advance learning in schools and Islamic Madrassahs.

Our aim is to support some of the world’s most vulnerable children by empowering them and providing an education in Qur’an to allow them to flourish and grow in their faith. Sponsor a hafiz today and join our fantastic programme, which includes:

  • Qualified and expert alims and alimahs to teach children
  • Opportunities to read and understand the Holy Qur’an, with tajweed and aqeedah.
  • An excellent, safe, nourishing learning environment for children
  • A tailored programme for each child, specific to their needs and speed of learning.

Last year alone, 147 children were sponsored across Pakistan, Somalia, Myanmmar and Nepal. 

Sponsor a Hafiz today for just £30 a month of £360 for the whole year.


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