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Enjoy the crystal clear air and the stunning scenery as we climb Wales’ highest mountain. The journey will be at a slow steady pace suitable for all levels of fitness on a mixture of good paths as well as challenging sections of rough terrain.Once you reach the peak (1,085m (3,560ft), you will be rewarded with panoramic views, breathtaking landscape, and an opportunity to quietly reflect on the amazing challenge.


Reg Fees: £30 includes Transportion, Personalised Hoodie and Snacks.

Fundraising Target: £300

Women Only Event


Location: Village Nasar-UD-Deen Khalani, District Sohbatpur, Baluchistan, Pakistan.

Households: 110

Beneficiaries: 2,318 (Each household has got up to 3 families in an extended family living system).

Cost: £20,000

Time to Completion: 8-9 Months


We will be leaving our London Hub in east London at approx. 06:00 and hope to return back by 22:00 - 23:00 on the same day. Please be mindful that there may not be any public transport in the early hours.Once you have registered we will add you to the trek WhatsApp group so everyone can get acquainted and we can easily share updates and information.


Water is essential for every living being in this world and it is primary need for every life. Everyone that exists in this world can never deny this fact that the water is consent gift by the God which keeping activated process of routines on this earth. When we think about Baluchistan province, various perceptions, conspiracies and other hesitating thoughts surround and force us to keep distance from this region. While the province is passing from dismissal state of affairs and its residents are suffering from various issues like lack of education, health, livelihood and terrorism but the thrust of the land of Baluchistan is hazardous which consumes hundreds lives every year. Draught Spells in majority part of the province continues for decades in which the population migrates far from their home to the water existing regions and occasionally their journey led them to the warm waters of Sindh and Punjab provinces, where from majority of families seek their Jobs and can never returns to their homes, forever. This is cruel fact that the Thousands Acers of Gold Spiting land in the province is barren, which can be moderated for crops with advance techniques and building small and large dames at on way of rain pendent rivers. Unfortunately this is the prime responsibility of the government of Pakistan to relocate the possible strategies and it shall provide necessary strategies to protect rain water and improve agriculture aspects of the local communities in the province; however the politicians of our country are not sincere with this country and with this nation to secure nations future and fight for national cause. The Thrust of Baluchistan is not only for land and its crop but also the people and other living animals are also suffering from this cruel issue. It is estimated that hundreds of people and their pet animals like goats, buffalos, sheep’s, horses, camels, donkeys and other animals that are the prime assets of their livelihood die every year due to unavailability of Drinking Water. A low quantity of urban and rural population has access to water supply and drinking water facilities but it is extremely contaminated and prone to stomach diseases. Quetta which is the capital city of the province has only 5 percent access to water supply channels and rest of 95 percent population buy water from tankers for their home chores. As well as Gwadar city is the gateway of the economic corridor of china and Pakistan but its 99% of the local population has no access to drinking water and they are force to buy water from Karachi and other cities.


District Sohbatpur in Baluchistan sits at the east side of Baluchistan province and is situated at the border with Sindh province. People are fetching water from open ponds and ground wells from its surroundings; women generally spend their half of a day for fetching water from miles away, leaving behind their education and other important home chores. The Open Ponds, Water Canal and Well are the main source of drinking water.Currently the women from this community walk on an average 3.1 kilometers to retrieve water for daily domestic needs from a nearby pond. Muslim Charity has this objective to drill new well in the lying area about few meters from the village. As well as complete Solar system, water tank and Tapstands with faucets would be located and adjacent to the tank. It is believed that the community itself owns all of the land across which the distribution pipes would be installed.


Village Nasar-Ud-Deen Khalani is one of the well-populated villages of the area where 110 households are living beneath of poverty due to extreme negligence from the govt. institutions, lack of political willingness and lack of the sense of ownership by the community elders. Previously this village has not been covered by any of development sector institutions; neither any other interventions regarding easy access to was clean drinking water practiced.The village found with several other risks like unavailability of health centers, education facility is not available, broken road communications and reduced employment opportunities which are making the distorted glance of the area.Water is essential for everyone who takes breathe on this planet however, in this region; water is sporadic necessity of the area. The community members in general and women in particular, walking miles distances to fetch water for their family member which is a hard work to keep their love-ones alive.


The tank with this well will be approximately 10,000 liters in capacity to provide the community with 1.25 days of usage. The solar array has been calculated to be 700 watts. We will be using 5.53 peak sun hours for calculations (June in highest with 6.21 peak sun hours and December lowest with 4.53)

Frequently Asked Questions

A team of experienced mountain guides will be there to show you and support you all the way.You’ll need a good level of fitness and some preparatory training, you should be able to walk for at least 5-7 hours including steep inclines. In the coming months leading to the trek you should complete some long distance walks to prepare for the challenge. This challenge will be led by experienced guides and will be there to advise on safety, pace and lead the way.

Approximately 9 miles, climbing to a height of 3,199ft.

The ascent to the summit is a steady climb on a mixture of rough and well-kept pathways.

This will vary enormously depending on the weather and your fitness level. As a rough guide, the average completion time for this event is approximately seven hours.Please note that the guides on the day will have final say on any participant’s health and fitness and may ask you to turn back. This will only be done if there is a health and safety issue.

There are no toilet facilities en route to the summit of Snowdon. There is a visitor’s center on the summit with toilet facilities but in adverse weather and high winds, the center and its facilities will be closed. There are toilet facilities at the registration point where you will register in the morning and return to after the challenge, so please make use of these.

We have full radio communications alongside the guides that will be along the route, as well as mobile first aid cover. In the event of a problem, please alert your nearest guide and arrangements will be made for your care or transport back to the registration point.

We regularly monitor the weather along the route in advance of (and during) a trek. They’ll advise us of any safety concerns. Should we be advised to cancel the event, all participants would be contacted.

Jump onto this link which will take you to our registration page.Once registered the page will automatically open a JustGiving page for you to start your amazing fundraising. If you have any problems with registering or creating a fundraising page, then please contact us we are here to help you.

If you are traveling from London we will make all the arrangements for you and travel by minibus, there and back. If you are traveling from another city, please get in contact with the lead from Muslim Charity who can advise further.

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