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1st to 30th November 2021

Join us on this VIRTUAL RIDE as we celebrate the 4th anniversary of TEAMMC’s #London2Makkah ride which saw brothers Rashid Ali and Abdul Hannan cycle from #London2Makkah over 56 days crossing 13 countries accompanied by brother Shubo Hussain.

The rules are as follows:

  • You will be required to cover the distance of London to Makkah (3,257.84 miles!) in groups of 5 male riders or 6 female riders.
  • You will have 30 days to achieve this collectively as a group between 1st and 30th November 2021.
  • Registration fee is £20 per person and fundraising target is £150 per person in aid of Muslim Charity's #StreetChildren projects.

What happens after you register

  • Registrations are open until 20th October 2021.
  • After 20th October 2021, TEAMMC will put you into groups of 5 males or 6 females by having a mix of similar riders in each group by analysing each participant's Strava account and riding capabilities.
  • A typical example of how the group will be made of is as follows:
  1. One very experienced rider who does a lot of miles in general throughout the year (approx. 4000. miles)
  2. 2nd rider will be a mid-range rider (approx. 2500. miles per year)
  3. Riders 3 and 4 will be kind of beginners who cover around 1500 miles per year.
  4. The idea of the challenge is to cover the same distance as #London2Makkah (3,257.84 miles) but if we have more than one group completing the challenge then the winner will be decided by the highest mileage team.

Cycling challenge rules

  • The distance of 3,257.84 miles needs to be completed collectively by a group.
  • The mileage will be collective and not individual. All the 5 male or 6 female team members' mileages will be added together to declare the winner.
  • All mileage between 1st and 30th November 2021 counts whether it's commuting, social, training, race or competition.
  • All rides must be recorded on Strava (which will be updated automatically to the group page - further details of activating your Strava will be sent to you after 20th October 2021).
  • No manual uploads or screenshots will be counted.
  • Each participant is allowed only 25% of their total mileage to be on an indoor trainer.
  • Note: Any of the above rules can be changed by TEAMMC and you will be informed if this happens.

The online platform

  • After 20th October 2021, once you have been put into your groups, you will receive your individual fundraising page URLs and also your team's page URL which will display a virtual digital map that will plot your team's progress virtually along the #London2Makkah route.
  • It is important that after 20th October 2021, you link your Strava accounts to your individual fundraising pages because all your mileage will be tracked and updated via Strava. We will advise you how to link your Strava page after 20th October 2021 once your fundraising/team pages have been created and shared with you.


  • The fundraising target will be £150 per person to support vulnerable street children around the world whereby Muslim Charity rescues such children from the horrors of the streets and provides them with safety and a life of opportunities.


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