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Training Workshop held for Police

Friday, 30th July 2021

Training Workshop held for Police and Traffic Police Wardens by Muslim Charity



 Muslim Charity along with its partners in Multan, Pakistan, held a training workshop in July 2021 for the Punjab Police and Traffic Wardens on the best practices of the Punjab Destitute and Neglected Children Act 2004 and Zainab Alert Response and Recovery Act (ZARRA ACT) 2020.

Altogether, 70 police officers and traffic wardens participated in the workshop and shared their knowledge and suggestions for the prevention of child sexual abuse. The workshop participants recommended the better coordination among law-enforcement agencies, vigilance, health department, and social welfare organisations along with a child protection centre for delivery of services to victims. The workshop attendees highlighted gaps between different service delivery departments and recommended a Child Protection Committee at the district levels.

Thanks to the donations and support of Muslim Charity’s donors, we are helping to provide protection to children on the streets as well as at their homes. According to recent statistics over 300,000 children are in need of protection who are begging on the street or are victims of child labour in Pakistan.

Please support Muslim Charity’s Children of the World campaign to help change lives.



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