Orphans & Vulnerable Children

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Zeid Mohamed

Lebanon8 years old

Omar Maher

Lebanon6 years old

Islam Alcheikh

Lebanon9 years old

Marwan Zahouri

Lebanon10 years old


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Arslan Ali

Pakistan16 years old

Anas Abid

Pakistan8 years old


Pakistan8 years old

Rida Fatima

Pakistan11 years old

Habiba Amanat

Pakistan9 years old

Ahmed Ali

Pakistan13 years old

Imran Ullah

Pakistan17 years old

Abdul Qadeer

Pakistan13 years old

Orphan Sponsorships

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is reported to have said, “Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives to the poor, the orphan and the wayfarer.” (Muslim)

Innocent children become orphans by no fault of their own. Living without choices and struggling for survival, they require the hand of love and affection to support them. Muslim Charity’s one-to-one orphan sponsorship programme supports orphaned and vulnerable children by providing them with healthcare, education, accommodation and food.

You can sponsor an orphan in a choice of several countries where you will be provided with a photograph and an annual progress update of how your orphan or child is performing in terms of their education and healthcare.

Young People with Disabilities

The first ever World report on disability, produced jointly by WHO and the World Bank, suggested that more than a billion people in the world today experience disability. That is approximately 15% of the world’s total population.

People with disabilities have generally poorer health, lower education achievements, fewer economic opportunities and higher rates of poverty than people without disabilities. This is largely due to the lack of services available to them and the many obstacles they face in their everyday lives.

We are supporting young people with disabilities in Pakistan at a very comprehensive level. We support free education, health, transportation from home to school and general well-being of the young people with multiple disabilities.

Orphans Fund

The Orphans Fund assists us to help cover emergency needs of orphans when the need arises

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