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SKYDIVE (02 MAR 2024)


You are at the edge of the plane, looking down at 10,000 feet of air...

About this Event

Are you ready to take the leap of a lifetime?

Picture yourself soaring through the sky, the wind rushing past you, as you take a giant leap to make a difference in the world. So, fasten your harness, embrace the thrill, and let your bravery support children worldwide.

Challenge Essentials

Date: Saturday 2nd March 2024

Reg Fees: £150

Fundraising Target: £500

Location: North London Skydiving Centre, Wimblington, Chatteris, March PE15 0FB (UK)

The Cause - Children of the World

750 million people worldwide remain illiterate, with a fifth of children not attending school; help us rebuild young lives today for a better tomorrow.

For many children worldwide, a loving family home and good education remain a dream, and they are forced to work long hours to fund their families. For millions of children, they do not even have a home and are forced to live on the street.

At Muslim Charity, we want every child to be able to enjoy being just that, a child. We want to protect those most vulnerable and allow them to thrive in a safe environment. With your help, we can provide shelter, education and a loving home and equip them with the skills and knowledge to better their lives and their communities.


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