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Run for Africa

1st October – 30th October 2021


Fundraising Target: £100

Cause: Supporting a school in Africa


Join our #TEAMMC family to take up this virtual challenge and run, jog or walk in aid of supporting a school in Africa. All you need to do is sign up and then using the STRAVA app (or any other fitness app) cover the distance of 30 miles in 30 days. That's just 1 mile a day.

You can do that as part of your daily exercise, walking at home, or even running in your garden or balcony. It sounds crazy because it is, we want as many people to jump on this challenge and stay fit while supporting our global family.


Education is fundamental right children deserve, yet across the world, 263 million young children are not in any kind of education. That is roughly 61 million primary school children, 60 million lower secondary school children and 142 million upper secondary school children who are missing out on the fundamental right to education.

A lack of education significantly reduces the future prospect of each child as they simply do not have the qualification or knowledge to better their position. Alongside that, however, they also miss out on creating lasting social connections and basic skills that we take for granted.

In many places, the schools that are there exist without boundary walls, bathrooms, drinking water or even classroom furniture. The children that do attend are forced to study in open places that are often dangerous; resulting in parents not wanting their children to go.

With your help, we can help turn these poor students lives around and provide children with a safe, functional and welcoming school. Our ?Adopt A School? project helps fill the gap by providing the missing facilities many of these schools need. Every donation you make, no matter how big or small will ensure each school has proper walls and classrooms as well as safe drinking water, washrooms and desks.


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