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Syria Emergency

Syria Emergency

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Syria Emergency

The Syrian conflict has been one of the worst humanitarian crisis of our time with over 12 million people killed or forced from their homes.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon need immediate attention and here is why

Lebanon has seen an immense recession over the past few years. According to a financial report, The Lebanese lira, officially pegged to the dollar at a rate of about 1,500, has lost 80 percent of its value over the past year. Prices of many basic goods have skyrocketed, and more than half of the population is now estimated to be living in poverty.

The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the multiple crises facing Lebanon – the country recorded a record 1,006 COVID-19 cases on 20 September, precipitating calls for a new lockdown.

With recession, inflation and an unstable political situation in Lebanon, Syrian refugees are worst hit by this situation. Reports suggest that a lot of Syrians are even planning to go back to the dangers in Syria as they are suffering from hunger and disease at the same time in the refugee camps in Lebanon. Muslim Charity is trying to send as much humanitarian assistance as possible through our partners and with the help of our donors.

Food Appeal
Food Appeal
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Muslim Charity Intervention

We desperately need your help to ensure we can keep providing the much-needed food and medical supplies to the area.

Muslim Charity has been working and helping refugees since the crisis began, providing Medical Aid, Food, Water, Winter Packs, Orphan Sponsorships and psychological support to war affected children.

In 2018, we were able to distribute 2,000 cooked meals, 400 food packs and 50 winter kits but your donations will help us surpass that figure. Just £50 provides a food pack that can sustain a family for one month whilst £100 provides food, hygiene and a survival kit for one family.


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