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Rohingya Emergency

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A raging fire has burnt houses and the belongings of thousands of Rohingya Refugees in Kutupalong Camp, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

More than 670 makeshift shelters were destroyed in a fire on 12th May, 2020. Thousands of people including vulnerable children, mothers and the old-age have become homeless once again! The fire has sadly added to the woes and miseries of the Rohingya families.

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh is home to the world’s largest refugee camp, hosting over 1 million Rohingya who were victims of killing including women and girls that were gang raped before fleeing from Myanmar. Most of the people arriving in Cox’s Bazar are still traumatised after witnessing unspeakable atrocities in Myanmar.

Rohingya Muslims have long been discriminated and persecuted, for no other reason than because of who they are.

Muslim Charity has launched an emergency appeal to help the Rohingya refugees re-build their burnt shelters with improved safety and sanitation.

Support Muslim Charity to rebuild their shelters and provide them households items and most importantly fire-safety equipment by donating your Zakat


Muslim Charity Intervention

Since the emergency began, with your help Muslim Charity has been able to provide much-needed humanitarian aid to those refugees fleeing the crisis. We have been able to deliver lifesaving food and medicine to thousands of families; helping them get through the harsh winter months.

We have also been able to build 250 emergency shelters, toilets and shower blocks, provide 20,000 people with medical assistance, provide two ambulances to the area and work with the government forces to help transport patients to hospitals.

We have also been running a Child Friendly Space in the Hakim Para Camp, helping to support their psychological and physical wellbeing. There is still so much to do and your help is vital. In current situation we need following as an urgent matter;

£50 – Food Pack for a Rohingya family for one month

£65 – Household essential items including fire safety equipment

£450 – Build a shelter for a Rohingya family

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