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Key facts

146 sponsorships delivered last year
Overall 717 sponsorships delivered since 2012
146 Hafiz children are being sponsored in countries like Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine and Somalia

Hafiz Sponsorship

Education in Islam is the shield of a believer and can provide a sense of belonging, tolerance and harmony to an otherwise disrupted life.

Countless children around the world are forced to live in conditions that no one should have to experience. This creates a sense of disruption in their life and makes them feel worthless.

An education in Islam helps to provide them with a true sense of belonging, and if a child can understand the teachings of the Holy Quran, it can shape their life; providing them with the pathway with which to live their life. They will also develop the spirit of brotherhood and tolerance, allowing them to live harmoniously in any society.

Muslim Charity Intervention

Our one-to-one Hafiz-e-Quran Sponsorship is designed to assist children discover the religion and be able to learn the Quran by heart. This can be an expensive fee, particularly for families in poverty so this donation will help us to cover the Madrasa fee.

We believe the Islamic learnings truly bring out a lasting change in students which can change their entire life.

Your donation will not only cover the Madrasa fee but will also help cover additional costs that come with it such as food, health care and clothing in a safe environment.

Normally, it takes three years for a child to complete Hafiz-e-Quran so we encourage donors to sponsor a child for the entire period; allowing them to complete their studies and take the first step in the education of the Holy Quran.


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