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Build a home for street children

Build a home for street children

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Build a home for street children

Help us to revolutionise the system and rescue children from the street by providing them with a safe and educational home

Research has shown that despite children being rescued from the streets and referred to government institutions, many of them are at capacity and the children are forced to return back to the street just to survive.

The work NGOs do is fantastic and certainly commendable but the current approach of building large orphanages that can house up to 100 children is not working and lacks the ability to provide the children with opportunities to further themselves in life.

A new qualitative approach, particularly for those children who have come from an exploitative and traumatic background, could provide a lasting change that truly reforms their life.

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Muslim Charity Intervention

The children that we rescue from the streets, if lucky, will be reunited with their families. If they do not have any family or relatives are unable to be identified then we want to revolutionise the system for them by providing new homes for those children who have no family.

The 2 story, 3-4 bedroom houses will accommodate up to eight children at a time and will be staffed by a home mother whose sole responsibility will be to provide care and guardianship to each child.

Each home will be supported by a full-time ‘auntie’ who will assist in the running of the household.

We have found the site for our first home but we need your help to make it a reality. Based 30 minutes from the centre of district Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh, it is at the foot of a large hill that will serve as the perfect base for their healing.


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