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Premium Ajwa Dates from Madina (500g)


These premium quality dates are grown in the blessed city of Madinah and by purchasing them you will be providing free school meals to children.

Note: Orders will be delivered within 3-5 working days. We are only able to deliver to the UK.


These high-quality, delicious dates grown in the blessed city of Madinah are the perfect way for you to enjoy the taste and give back to those in need. By giving a simple gift of a school meal, you’re helping to keep under-privileged children in school, giving them the best chance of a bright, happy and successful future.

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said, “He who eats seven ‘Ajwa dates every morning, will not be affected by poison or magic on the day he eats them.”

Where the dates are from

These high-quality Ajwa dates are grown in farms in the land of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), Madinah al-Munawwarah.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) is reported to have planted date palm trees himself, teaching us of the benefits of including them in our diets.

By buying this date box, you are honouring the legacy of our beloved Prophet (saw), supporting vulnerable children around the world, and giving yourself delicious dates to eat.

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said: “Save yourself from hellfire by giving even half a date-fruit in charity.”

Feeding school children

Millions of children around the world go hungry everyday. Many are forced to drop out of school and work instead. For those still in school, a lack of food means they are unable to focus on their education. This has huge long-lasting impacts on children and their futures.

By providing meals in schools, we help ensure children can thrive and succeed. More children attend and stay in school as they receive nutritious meals. When children are in school, they are learning, dreaming and succeeding, rather than working, begging or searching for food.

5 School Meals

Provide 5 schools meals to children in Palestine

10 School Meals

Provide 10 schools meals to children in Palestine

15 School Meals

Provide 15 schools meals to children in Palestine