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Travel with us to Lebanon and distribute emergency aid with your own hands!

Sunday 4th Feb 2024 – Friday 9th Feb 2024

Join us as we embark on our next Lebanon Deployment, supporting Palestinian and Syrian refugees.

This 6-day tour will open your hearts to the plight of Palestinian and Syrian refugees, and offer an opportunity to better understand the challenges they face, and provide help, support and love.

We will also support the local Lebanese community struggling daily due to low income, high costs and the devaluation of the currency.


Tour Fee: £280
(Excluding international flight)

Minimum of £1,400 fundraising excluding gift aid

Dates: Sunday 4th to Friday 9th February 2024

The tour fee amount will cover all transport, hotel, food and accommodation in Lebanon. It is based on two persons sharing one room in hotels. Muslim Charity will manage and arrange all of the logistics in Lebanon including pick-up and drop-off to Beirut airport.


Palestinian refugees started arriving in Lebanon over 70 years ago, as a result of the 1948 ‘Nakba’. Today, nearly half a million Palestinians live in refugee camps, almost totally dependent on aid for their survival.

The Syrian civil war has resulted in millions of innocent lives being devastated and made homeless. These people have had no choice but to flee from the violence, leaving behind their homes and livelihoods. Since the onset of the Syrian civil war in 2011, over one million Syrian refugees have fled to Lebanon.

Muslim Charity has been active on the ground in Lebanon supporting Palestinian and Syrian refugees, and needy Lebanese families, through emergency food, medical aid, supporting orphans and widows as well as schools and hospitals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone interested in experiencing the impact of Muslim Charity’s work in Lebanon. Participants must be 18 years or older before the date of departure.

The fee for travelling on the tour is £280 per person. This amount will cover all transport, hotel, food and accommodation whilst in Lebanon and it is based on two persons sharing one room in hotels. This fee does not include the UK to Lebanon return flights, which need to be booked separately and these can be done by participants themselves. Muslim Charity can advise on flight routings and costings.

The total duration of the tour is 6 days and it is recommended to bring your personal items with you accordingly. Examples of items you may bring along are: clothing, toothbrush, toiletries, camera etc.

Please do not carry large amounts of money with you. We will be using your tour fee to cover the costs of boarding, food and other travel expenses on your behalf. We request you to carry not more than £1,000 or equal amount in Lebanese Lira.

The participants (if required and informed beforehand) will be picked up by a representative of the designated hotel from the airport. Muslim Charity will provide a contact number / email address of a Muslim Charity representative within the UK and Lebanon for families of each of the participants, which they can contact to keep updated on the progress of the tour and speak to participants also. You are also more than welcome to bring mobile phones and keep in direct contact with friends and family.

We will make all the efforts to facilitate communication by staying in hotel with WiFi facilities so you can make use of WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype etc.

We will request you to maintain a conservative but friendly behaviour with communities and respect the religion and culture norms by adopting appropriate clothing and behaviour in general but especially during visits to communities.

During your travel you will also meet vulnerable families and communities therefore, we request you not to offer cash or any other gift to any person and if you wish to do so please notify a member of Muslim Charity for advice.

Muslim Charity has arrangements made only from 4th to 9th February 2024. For any further stay Muslim Charity advises participants to make their own arrangements.

No. Unfortunately due to a tight travel schedule, participants will be asked to stay in Muslim Charity provided accommodation / hotels. Muslim Charity will ensure that selected accommodation/hotels are secure and safe and also comfortable for participants.

Yes. Single-sex accommodation will be provided and each hotel room will be shared by two participants.


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