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The ultimate Karakoram glacier trek to the base camp of the second highest mountain in the world, K2.

The K2 Base Camp Trek is one of the finest treks in the world, unbeatable in terms of close-up mountain views and proximity to many of the world’s highest peaks. The trekkers will experience rugged glaciers as they head up to Concordia, where the Baltoro and the Godwin-Austen glaciers converge into a beautiful site showing the simplicity of ice and rock.

The trekkers will be able to absorb the unique atmosphere and environment surrounding this unforgettable mountain. You will experience dramatic, stunning views of the Gasherbrum peaks, Broad Peak, K2 and the Muztagh Tower.


Dates: 9th to 29th August 2024 (21 Day Tour)

Registration Fee: £999 – This includes all costs within Pakistan (hotels, food, accommodation, airport transfers and internal domestic flights).

Fundraising Target: £2,000 – for our #ChildrenOfTheWorld Campaign.

What’s not included: International UK-Pakistan return flights, any visa fees and travel insurance, which you will be required to purchase yourself directly.


750 million people around the world remain illiterate, with a fifth of children not attending school; help us to rebuild young lives today for a better tomorrow.

At Muslim Charity, we want every child to be able to enjoy being just that, a child. We want to protect those most vulnerable and allow them to thrive in a safe environment.

With your help, we can provide shelter, education and a loving home and equip them with the skills and knowledge to better their lives and communities.

Working in some of the harshest environments, we have rescued thousands of children from the street where abuse and exploitation were all they have known.

Frequently Asked Questions

The K2 Base Camp Trek is a legendary trek, suitable for those that are physically and mentally fit enough for multi-day trekking in high-altitude. It is within reach of those that are willing to train for the experience of a lifetime.

The K2 base camp itself is well within the reach of most people who have a good standard of hiking fitness. However, training specifically for the trek is essential to prepare you for the particular pitfalls posed by mountain walking. You are strongly advised to seek medical advice before deciding to arrange your trek and before starting a training program, particularly if you have any concerns about your health.

It is sensible to start training as early as possible before your scheduled trek. Conventional exercise routines which build strength, fitness and endurance, such as aerobics and weight-training will be beneficial, particularly if your fitness level is less than desirable. But the best physical preparation is activity which simulates, as far as possible, the demands on your body which will be happening during your ascent to and descent from the K2 base camp. Hiking up and down hills with a weighted backpack is the key to success and doing this once a week building up to carrying 10kgs would be advisable along with a daily stair master and incline treadmill sessions are also very important for a successful training programme.

So if you have the passion for trekking and can walk for 8 to 10 hours in the wilderness and you love mountains, camping and adventures then this is the right challenge for you to sign up to! This will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and what will make it extra special is the children that you will be able to support as part of your fundraising efforts.

Yes you can. But your logistical arrangements (including accommodation, transport etc) will need to be managed yourself if this is the case.

This is entirely up to you. You can use a travel agent or the following recommended websites: and Please be sure to check that the flight dates, times and airports are correct. We strongly recommend that you run the flight routing through us before booking and issuing the ticket to make sure it is as per our itinerary.

No, this needs to be arranged and paid for by yourself separately. We can provide the supporting documentation required to facilitate your visa process. The cost for the visas vary depending on your nationality.

At the time of writing, British citizens can apply for a Pakistani visa using the online visa system here: Please also consult the Pakistan High Commission for further information:

Yes. This is mandatory and it is vital for you to have taken out your own personal insurance cover. All persons are expected to arrange their own specialist Trekking insurance covering altitude of at least 5,155m. Insurance policies should cover any potential risks involve in a K2 Base Camp Trek type of challenge and include cover for helicopter rescue.

Yes you may need to take these. Please ensure you consult your GP well in advance of your travel. Courses of vaccinations can take 6 weeks. We consider vaccinations against typhoid, polio, hepatitis A and B and a tetanus injection to be essential.

Our experience has shown that participants who invest time into training are more likely to make the most of the challenge and therefore able to complete the challenge. Muslim Charity will be providing a training plan to all registered participants to guide them in their journey. It is not as daunting as may it sounds – Healthy adults of all ages/gender can complete the challenge and experience the adventure of a lifetime!



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