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Volunteer Opportunity


Join Muslim Charity in OCTOBER 2021 on Children of the World – Bangladesh Tour.

Sylhet, Dhaka and Cox’s Bazaar


Join TeamMC on its annual volunteer trip to Bangladesh. Soak up the cultural delights while you participate and immerse yourself in all the Children of the World projects in Bangladesh.

The trip is no way a holiday rather an emotional roller-coaster that will challenge your purpose and feed your soul.

The trip is very carefully organised with experienced staff from the UK and Bangladesh and fully inclusive which means you don’t have to worry about anything.

To join the tour, we simply ask that you book your own flights and pay £450 towards your hotels, food, transport and internal flights.

We also humbly ask each participant to raise a minimum of £2,000 excluding any gift aid towards the projects that we will interact with during the tour.



Your Bangladeshi adventure with TeamMC starts in Sylhet.  Home to lush green field paddy fields, beautiful tea estates, and home to the diaspora Bangladeshi community in the UK.


Sylhet town hosts some of the most expensive real estate in Bangladesh. However, it’s also home to some of the most deprived communities. This community is primarily the hidden workforce of Sylhet and made up of low-income families.

Most of the children are unregistered and therefore find it extremely difficult to join mainstream schooling. The expectation is that once the children are 8-10, they will also contribute to the family.

Muslim Charity with your help has started a new school to support these children. It gives access to pre-primary education and prepares them for mainstream school. We use informal play to give young people the confidence and social skills so they too can benefit from an education.

You will spend time volunteering at the school shadowing and playing games under the supervision of our champion teachers.

Supporting Schools

Muslim Charity refurbishes and builds school around the world. As part of the Bangladesh tour, we will be supporting a Sylheti school establishing a new library.

Libraries are an essential component of all schools and a community. However, young people in rural villages have very little access if any to books or educational materials.

Here you will help put the finishing touches to the library with other students and handover the keys to all the students.


Cox’s Bazaar is the home of the longest unbroken beach in the world and one of the most beautiful areas of Bangladesh. It’s here that we have initiated the first street children homes. These are homes for former street children who have no family. This oasis is where their healing process will begin and where children can finally be children again. Here you will volunteer for the day working on-site, visiting the home, and spending the day with all the children.


One of the most densely populated cities in the world but filled with history, culture, and amazing street food.


You will spend time with the outreach workers on the ground shadowing them and learning more about detached work with street children. We will visit some of the sites where children congregate where you will learn more about their lives as well as their struggles. Our time in Dhaka will also include a day visit to Daulatdia the 4th biggest brothel in the world. There you will meet children of the brothel who we will support through our daycare centre. We will finish our adventure in Bangladesh by visiting our transitional shelter and a home where children can finally rest and restart their lives as children again.


Please note that the itinerary can change with short notice. Please do not plan any other activities during the tour rather build in any personal extensions/stay before or after the tour.



Tour Fee: £450

Fundraising: £2,000

(excluding international flight)

The tour fee can be paid in 2 instalments but must be paid fully 4 weeks before travel.

Please check your dates and availability as we cannot offer any refunds on the fees.



This amount will cover all transport, hotel, food and accommodation costs whilst in Bangladesh and it is based on 2 persons sharing one room. Muslim Charity will manage and arrange all of these logistics in Bangladesh including pick-up and drop-off to airports.


International Flights

The fee does not include the UK to Bangladesh (Sylhet) return flights.


As foreign nationals, we will need to apply for a visa from the Bangladesh consulate. The Bangladesh visa services are available in London and Manchester.


Please apply for a tourist visa:


If you have Bangladeshi heritage you can apply for a ‘No Visa required’ Visa stamp. This entitles you to visit Bangladesh without obtaining a visa. There is also a Visa on arrival service in Dhaka where you can obtain a visa for your stay.


Please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee your visa or entry. Please seek advice from the embassy before you book your flights and pay your registration fee. If you need any help Muslim Charity staff are on hand to advise and guide you through the process.


For more information please call Moheen Uddin, Community Engagement Officer who will be happy to help with any additional questions or queries on 0207 100 4930/07999 471 176 or email [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone interested in experiencing the impact of Muslim Charity’s work in Bangladesh and wishing to explore the beauty, sights and sounds of this wonderful country. Participants must be 18 years or older before the date of departure and be of good health to travel.

The fee for travelling on the tour is £450 per person. This amount will cover all transport, hotel, food, internal flights and accommodation costs whilst in Bangladesh and it is based on 2 people sharing one room. You will have to book your own international flights and also pay for airport transfers within the UK.

We will stay in comfortable 3-star hotels. These have been carefully selected for their service, comfort, and safety. All hotels have been vetted by our staff and evaluated by our volunteers on previous trips.

We will let you know the exact hotels when we release the final itinerary 4 weeks before travel.

We highly recommend you take travel insurance for the duration of your stay. In the event of any injury, we will have no choice but to take you to a hospital where they will charge you for any medical attention or advice.

We suggest you check with your bank to see if your already covered if not you can always get a quote online.

You will have access to clean toilet facilities in hotels. However, when we travel these may not be very clean. You will need to be a little intrepid and adventurous and may have to go ‘where no man has gone before’.

In any case, we will make regular stops on long journeys and prompt you to use the facilities where available.

The total duration of the tour is 11 days so please bring with you enough clothing for that duration.

We recommend small luggage so it’s easy to transport as you will be living ‘out your suitcase’ as the tour is fast-paced.

Suggested essentials;

  • Mosquito repellent
  • Basic medication such as pain killers
  • 2 Pin adapters
  • Mobile charging bank
  • Sunglasses
  • Baseball cap
  • Comfortable summer clothing
  • Hoodie/light jacket for evenings
  • Closed comfortable footwear and flip flops

Please do not carry large amounts of money with you. We will be using your tour fee to cover the costs of boarding, food and other travel expenses on your behalf. We request you to carry not more than £1,000 or an equal amount in Bangladeshi Taka. The ATMs work in cities and you will have a free day in Dhaka to explore and shop.

If you wish to exchange money, please do so at the airports. In general, they give the best rates.


What will the weather be like and what belongings shall we pack?

We will advise you to bring clothes appropriate for temperatures between 20°C to 25°C. Although October is the end of monsoon season, we can still get short and sharp showers.

Please bring clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for the country. We ask all participants to respect local cultures and customs while in Bangladesh as we are guests in their country.

While the cities are very cosmopolitan and no one will care what you may be wearing the rural and remote places are very conservative.  So, we ask all participants to be aware of this situation and where possible wear clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for our destination.

Comfortable closed-toe shoes are a must. Please think of the various terrain such as the sandy beaches and possibly mud. So please bring shoes that are comfortable and not new. Similarly, some comfortable sandals or flip flops are ideal for the evening and when we are travelling between destinations.

Although we will make utmost efforts to ensure the safety of your belongings but will advise you not to carry expensive and luxury articles with you as we cannot take any responsibility for loss or damage while on tour.

A Muslim Charity representative will pick you up from the airport and drive you to the hotel.

Most of the time participants will book themselves on the same flight and you will get to know each other beforehand from all the conversations we will have on our WhatsApp group and meetups before we travel.

You will also have a mobile number for our team lead from the UK and Bangladesh should you need to contact someone in an emergency.

ou can purchase a SIM from Dhaka airport using your British passport as ID. Please refer to their packages for calls and internet.

Please bear in mind that it can take up to 20-25 minutes to get a SIM card and factor in your travel time to the domestic airport.

In any case, we will make all the efforts to facilitate communication by staying in hotels with Wi-Fi facilities. The quality of the Wi-Fi services may vary according to areas and is subject to the availability of electricity.

We request all our participant to be friendly but aware and respect local faiths and culture by adopting appropriate clothing and behaviour.

When interacting with children we ask that you seek permission before holding and interacting with them. We will fully brief you before each visit to make sure that we follow the ground partner guidelines and adhere to all Muslim Charity policies with regards to child protection.

Failure to comply with our child protection policy will mean that you will be excluded from that activity.

During your travel you will also meet vulnerable families and communities therefore, we request you not to offer cash or any other gift to any person.  If you wish to help someone please talk to a Muslim Charity representative who will advise further.

Please make any further arrangements either before the tour or after. Due to the nature of the tour, we cannot let you break away from the itinerary.

No. Unfortunately, due to a tight travel schedule, participants will be asked to stay in a Muslim Charity provided accommodation/hotels. Muslim Charity will ensure that selected accommodation/hotels are secure and safe and also comfortable for participants.

Yes. Single-sex accommodation will be provided and each hotel room will be shared by two participants.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer single rooms.

We are on hand to offer advice and guidance on all aspects of the tour and your kind fundraising activities.

For any assistance relating to this tour please contact;

Moheen Uddin
Community Engagement Officer
T 0207 100 4930   M 07999 471 176   E [email protected]


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