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Children with Special Needs

According to a recent study by UNICEF, there are nearly 240 million children around the world with a physical or learning disability – that is 1 out of every 10 children worldwide. 90% of these children are not in school

Unfortunately, children with disabilities are more at risk of abuse, exclusion and discrimination. The terrible reality is that many people with disabilities or special needs are lonely, bullied, excluded and discriminated against – on top of the challenges they already face in simple day to day tasks and being an active part of any society. The challenges begin early and at home, with access to education, and the ability to read to at home; children with special needs and disabilities are less likely to be included or heard in almost every sphere of life. All too often, children with disabilities are simply being left behind.

The situation is worse for children with special needs in impoverished communities, where a lack of education and awareness combined with poverty and financial constraints means children do not get the support they need. In many communities across Asia and the Middle East, families have a lack of understanding around how to help children with special needs, and often the topic is considered taboo. In some societies, it is easier to hide children and remove them from society, as they are unable to arrange activities for children with special needs. This does not help children at all and worsens the situation for everybody.

The challenges faced by children with special needs in vulnerable communities

In many impoverished communities such as those in Pakistan and Bangladesh, there is a lack of understanding on the importance of physical activities for children with special needs. Many families are unable to afford arranging special activities for children with special needs, and lack the ability to buy specific equipment and resources that could really improve their quality of life.

Many children with special needs and disabilities living in poverty do not go to school, as they cannot attend mainstream schools, and their families cannot afford to send them to schools dedicated for children with special needs. An estimated 1 in every 3 children who are currently not going to school, have a disability or special needs. In some countries, only 13% of all children with special needs are receiving some form of formal education. Missing out on education not only affects the quality of life for children and their families, but also affects the financial situation of future generations and communities at large. In the adult population, people with disabilities or special needs overwhelmingly tend to be poorer than other people, demonstrating the long-lasting impact of not receiving the right support as children.

How Muslim Charity is supporting children with special needs

Muslim Charity supports children with special needs in Karachi and Kharian, Pakistan. We are supporting a centre for special needs children in Karachi, where 50 children have benefited from special education, medical and psycho-social rehabilitation and physiotherapy sessions. At the centre, there are dedicated physical activities for children with special needs. We have provided transportation to ensure that children are able to attend. In Kharian, we supported the construction of a Rehabilitation Centre and a school for blind children.

At our centres, we are providing activities for children with special needs, and supporting children with a large range of disabilities. We are supporting children with cerebral palsy, severe autism, and paraplegia among other serious health conditions.

You can donate today to help support children with special needs around the world. Our projects provide dedicated, excellent care, offering children the spaces to thrive. While we do not currently offer a one-to-one sponsorship model, by supporting our work in supporting centres for children with special needs, you will truly help children in improving their quality of life. Together we will make education more accessible and provide children with the learning materials and physical and psychological therapy that can truly help them.

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Disability comes in many different forms and severities, and is progressing and changing all over the world. While some disabilities are temporary, others, on the other hand, affect the everyday actions of people in the long term, and even worsen with time. People with disabilities were also more vulnerable to Covid-19, as those with underlying health conditions became more susceptible to falling ill with the virus. They were also more greatly impacted by lockdowns and accessing essentials and medical support. It is evident that your living conditions and circumstances, hugely affect the ability to lead a fulfilled and life of good quality life. It is increasingly important to support those in vulnerable communities who are at even greater risk of neglect, abuse and manipulation.


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