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Children Of The Brothel


Children of Brothels

Home, for many people, is marked by safety, warmth and a sense of happiness and belonging. For children, it is important that home offers security against the outside world, a place to feel protected, happy and for them to truly enjoy their childhoods. For many children of brothels, home is a far cry from the safety and security it should be.

Children born in brothels are considered illegitimate, outcasts, unwanted and dirty. Many of these children are not given formal identities and registration with the government. Girls are at a particular risk, and face being subjected to abuse and being forced into joining the sex worker trade when they are old enough. Boys are often considered a nuisance, and many fall prey to gangs and drug dealers, getting caught up in substance abuse, crime and violence. Many children grow up without a formal identity or registration and without knowing who their fathers are.

In Pakistan and Bangladesh, we are providing education opportunities and safe spaces for children of brothels, so that they are able to grow up in safety, security and with all of their rights. We are committed to safeguarding children from sexual exploitation, ensuring they are not harmed and are fully aware of behaviour that could put them at risk. We establish informal schools in brothel communities, offering education, life skills and psycho-social support.

Muslim Charity Intervention


In Pakistan, the sex working trade is illegal and those participating in it face punishment by law. Despite this, it is estimated that there are 90,000 women engaged in the trade, with the highest numbers in Karachi and Lahore. Many of these women have been pushed into the profession due to unimaginable poverty and hardships.

We, through our partner, have established an informal school in the brothel community in Lahore, where children follow a foundational curriculum which prepares them for enrolment in public school. Our school offers a safe space for children and their mothers, where they learn, play games and grow in confidence. We offer psycho-social support and an environment of complete confidence. At our school, we also provide meals to the children, as many children are often neglected and do not receive enough food at home.

The main objective of our school is to demonstrate to the children that life is bigger and brighter than the confines of the brothel. We seek to integrate them into mainstream society, so that they can grow into successful, responsible adults.

Alhamdulillah, in the last year alone, there have been 80 children enrolled in our school in Lahore. We, through our partner, have supported 15 children in entering mainstream schools, and conducted 48 child protection awareness raising sessions.

Make a donation for the welfare of brothel children today, and help children build a life marked by happiness and success rather than fear and danger.

Just £25 can help protect a child, providing them with access to a safe space for education, play and rest.



UNAIDS estimates that there are approximately 140,000 sex workers in Bangladesh, and there are 20 brothel-villages in the country. Daulatdia is the biggest brothel in Bangladesh and fourth largest in the world. It is a sprawling village of make-shift shelters, housing over 2,000 sex workers. There are over 800 children born and living there too. It is believed that approximately 3,000 men come each day to the brothel. This leaves children at huge risk of grooming and sexual abuse.

Thousands of girls under the age of 18 are caught up in prostitution, some as young as just 10 years old. In Daulatdia, the average age of new sex workers is 14.

Children in Daulatdia need to be saved. Muslim Charity and our partners are working to remove children from these harmful environments, bringing them to centres where they are cared for, safe and given access to everything they need. We, through our partners, provide education and teach children about their rights so that they can continually remain safe. These spaces are integral to keeping children safe, and are an excellent first step to rescuing their mothers too.

At our supported centre, we also offer support to mothers, giving them access to skills and knowledge as well as spaces for respite and care.

Our work is vital, and we will not give up until we know that children everywhere are safe from the sex working industry and from abuse and violence.

Make a donation for the welfare of brothel children today, and help children build a life marked by happiness and success rather than fear and danger.



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