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Enjoy the crystal-clear air and the stunning scenery as we walk through the breath taking landscapes. The journey will be at a slow steady pace suitable for all levels of fitness on a mixture of good paths as well as challenging sections of rough terrain.

We will camp for 2 nights on the beautiful Welsh plains and use this time to bond and reflect. All you need to do is bring your sleeping bag and comfortable pillow and you will have the stars to send you to sleep.


Fundraising Target: £200 per individual.

Venue: Four Waterfalls Walk, Aberdare

Deposit: We require a £50 deposit to secure your registration – a member of staff will contact you regarding the package you require.


5 years of devastating war; now the country could be wiped off the map.

Yemen has been facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis for five years, suffering in a relentless war, devastating famine and the spread of diseases such as cholera. Over 20 million people do not know where their next meal will come from and are facing starvation. With over 80% of the population – 24 million people – being in urgent need of assistance, the time to act is now. UN reports estimate that 130 children under the age of 5 die each day from hunger and disease. The UN warns that the coronavirus pandemic could wipe Yemen off the map. Yemen’s health infrastructure has effectively collapsed and people struggle to access even the most basic healthcare. Yemen only has 10 health workers per 10,000 people, and currently people are being denied treatment due to a lack of medical supplies. There are currently hundreds of reported Covid-19 cases and deaths, but this figure is rising and the real numbers are believed to be much higher.


We will be leaving our London Hub in east London at approx 8pm on Friday by Minibus and hope to return back by 10pm on the Sunday. Please be mindful that there may not be any public transport in the early hours. Once you have registered we will add you to the trek WhatsApp group so everyone can get acquainted and we can easily share updates and information.


At the time of writing, this event is due to go ahead as per the official advice from the organisers. However, there is a risk that the event may get cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19, travel restrictions or for any other reason in which case we shall duly inform participants accordingly and request their patience and understanding in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions

A team of experienced mountain guides will be there to show you and support you all the way.

You’ll need a good level of fitness and some preparatory training, you should be able to walk for at least 5-7 hours including steep inclines. In the coming months leading to the trek you should complete some long distance walks to prepare for the challenge.

This challenge will be led by experienced guides and will be there to advise on safety, pace and lead the way.

The ascent to the summit is a steady climb on a mixture of rough and well-kept pathways.

This will vary enormously depending on the weather and your fitness level. As a rough guide, the average completion time for this event is approximately seven hours.

Please note that the guides on the day will have final say on any participant’s health and fitness and may ask you to turn back. This will only be done if there is a health and safety issue.

We have full radio communications alongside the guides that will be along the route, as well as mobile first aid cover. In the event of a problem, please alert your nearest guide and arrangements will be made for your care or transport back to the registration point.

We regularly monitor the weather along the route in advance of (and during) a trek. They’ll advise us of any safety concerns. Should we be advised to cancel the event, all participants would be contacted.

We will be staying on a beautiful campsite close to mount Snowden. Staff and volunteers will travel before you to setup the tents to enable a smooth check in and a good nights sleep.

It’s always advisable to have insurance that will cover you for the event and any unforeseen circumstances. Muslim Charity will not be held responsible for any loss, injury, and loss of earnings due to you taking part in this event.

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