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18TH JUNE 2022


Daylight, solid contest and a ton of sprinkling are what the dragon boat Race is about. Whether you’re a sinker or swimmer, we need you on our team and prepared to race. Go along with us and bring your family and companions for a paddle to a few thrilling boat races at Fairlop Waters.

The occasion is available to all confidence gatherings and intends to join the local area whereby people, families, and associations can assist with protecting road kids by basically enlisting for a boat and taking part in the race.

Boat races are essential for the incredible legacy of British culture and an excellent method to join the two contenders and networks behind a typical reason. It also acquires well-disposed contest, which is fundamental in bringing enthusiasm, wants, and tribalism, guaranteeing that the local area’s pleasant angle benefits the local area.

The boats we will utilize can oblige up to 17 riders all at once. We as a whole know it’s not the equivalent without individuals supporting you, so bring your friends and family. There will be slows down to search around and a parlour region where they can moor and chill.



– Saturday 18th June 2022

– Reg Fee: £20

– Fundraising Target: £250

– Age 16+



1.5 million children in Bangladesh are living on the street tonight. With your help, we can protect them, bring them to safety and save them.

The UN estimates that 150 million children are living on the street. This is perhaps a conservative estimate, as reporting and recording are complicated, and the actual figure is thought to be much higher. They are living in fear, without protection, food, or hope for their futures. They are at huge risk of exploitation, abuse, forced prostitution, trafficking, forced labour, and slavery.

In Bangladesh, over 50% of the population lives below the poverty line, leading to an increase in child abandonment and suffering. It is estimated that in Dhaka, more than 500,000 street children live on the street in the capital city. There are accounts of children getting caught up in gang disputes and violence, carrying weapons, and taking part in illegal activities.

Our work with street children began in 2014. We rescue street children and work to reunite them with their families where possible. If this is not possible due to long-standing feuds, or if the child will be in danger, or if there are no living family members, we refer them to permanent shelters offering safety and protection, alongside the ability to go to school.




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